Safety power is the global innovator in environmental emissions control for
large scale diesel and gas fueled engines

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At Safety Power Inc. we design and manufacture Selective Catalytic Reduction, Diesel Particulate Filter and Oxidation Catalyst after-treatment systems to control nitrogen oxide emissions, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions for diesel and natural gas onsite power engines. As a global innovator, we make extensive use of advanced control technologies and computational fluid dynamics inour Emissions Control Systems.


Configure an Emissions Control System

Go to our SCR, Silencer, Tier 4 product page and use the Configurator to select from over 40 engines, including Caterpillar (CAT), Cummins, MTU, Mitsubishi and Doosan. If your engine is not listed, simply enter the data requested by the Configurator. After that, select the regulatory environment (such as Tier 4 or Euro VI) or the specific pollutants you must mitigate. The ecoCUBE® Configurator will give you the dimensioned size of a complete emissions solution, such as the Diesel particular filter, that you can use for your layout drawings. Request a quote of the Configuration and quickly get a budget price. Complete Engineering Specifications for an SCR and Tier 4 emissions system are available for download.


What We Do

We provide complete environmental solutions that allow diesel and natural gas onsite power engines to meet all major global emissions standards with the smallest possible size and pressure drop. To do this, we offer products such as the Diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction. We can integrate silencing into our emissions control products, which will allow a traditional silencer to be replaced by our fully integrated emissions solution. We offer a family of pre-engineered products that permit very flexible exhaust input and output connections, allowing you to fit an emissions solution into any space. 


If you have any questions or inquiries about our Emissions Control Systems, such as selective catalytic reduction, contact us today and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. 

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We provide solutions for new and retrofit diesel or natural gas engines that significantly reduce emissions and exhaust noise!

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